IoT-Enabled Flame Detector Control Portfolio

At TechRover™ Solutions, we take pride in our innovative and practical solutions, and our technical portfolio showcases one such breakthrough: an IoT-based (BLE) application designed to empower flame detector devices in power plants and nuclear facilities. With this application, we enable efficient control and tuning via a mobile app, revolutionizing the way technicians manage these critical devices.

The Problem

Traditionally, the primary method for controlling and tuning flame detectors in power plants and nuclear facilities involved using RS 485 communication to connect with a computer. However, this method presented significant limitations, especially in terms of range and accessibility. These devices are often situated in high-temperature environments, making it challenging for technicians to physically access them for tuning.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we developed a pioneering IoT-Enabled Flame Detector Control solution leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Integrating BLE chips onto the flame detector devices and creating a user-friendly mobile app, technicians can securely control and fine-tune these devices remotely. This solution allowed technicians to remotely tune flame detectors, reducing the need for physical presence in hazardous environments. BLE technology significantly improved the range over traditional RS 485 methods. The mobile app simplifies the control and tuning process, making it accessible to a wider range of users in 4 countries.

We meticulously designed the firmware specifications for BLE, ensuring seamless integration with the IoT mobile app. Our IoT-based flame detector control solution has not only enhanced safety and operational efficiency in power plants and nuclear facilities but has also demonstrated our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. We look forward to further developing and refining this technology to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the years to come.

Our Unique and custom solution leverages

Code Reviews as a process

The development process includes thorough code reviews, ensuring the quality and reliability of the software.

Efficient and modern technology Stack

  • For mobile app: The software is primarily developed using Ionic framework for making hybrid apps, and angular as a JavaScript framework, Capacitor as native runtime for making robust app.
  • For Desktop app: The software is primarily developed using JavaFX framework for making application, which is framework of java and used to designing and developing.

Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol

Mobile app uses Bluetooth Low Energy protocol for connecting to device, Customised queue data structure is used to efficiently manage connections and cause minimum connection losses.

Desktop app uses to mainly update/change Detector slave id, Device Tag and Manage Device Bluetooth on/off. And it provides multiple user interface with Admin and User Role.

Code Quality improvements

With over 70%+ code coverage (continuously improving) on both the backend and frontend, our software places a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and maintainability.

Benefits of the solutions


Our software helps to monitor flames in controlled environment, reducing manual effort and potential errors.


All applications use latest dependencies, and has minimum chances of vulnerability, rigorous code quality checks ensure data security and system reliability.

User-Friendly Portals

Mobile app uses Ionic framework and Desktop app uses JavaFX framework. it provides intuitive interfaces for users.

Desktop app available at Microsoft store with Paid version which costs 1099.99$.

Mobile app available at Play store with Paid version which costs 260$.

Mobile app available at Apple store with Paid version which costs $299.99$.

Applications & types

Manage Flame Detector There are mainly Five Applications are launched in which,

Two Android applications:

1. Free Trial version
2. Paid version

Two iOS applications:

1. Free Trial version
2. Paid versionOne Microsoft Store

Desktop application:

1. paid version

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