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What are the components of event management?

  • Event Team Members
  • Event Tasks
  • Event Rule Overrides
  • Event Business Rules
  • Event Sessions
  • Speaker Management
  • Page Layout Organizer
  • Vendors

An event management system allows users to access and manage all aspects of an event in one place, including registration, planning, reporting, and more.

What does event management include?

Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of small and/or large-scale personal or corporate events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.

What are the 5 components of an event?

To help you do this, in this article we’re going to cover the 5 C’s of event management, which are a great starting point for putting your plan together.

These are: Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Closeout.

What are the some features in online booking reservations?

  • Quality Images
  • Calendar
  • Multiple Languages & Currency Options
  • Guest Review Management
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Automated Emails
  • Channel Management System
  • Third-Party Integration

What is the requirements for online booking system?

  • Cloud-based
  • Payment options (credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, deferred payment processing, cash)
  • Inventory system
  • Real-time booking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support
  • Integrations with an email marketing software

What are ticketing tools in software?

A ticketing system is a help desk software program used to process, manage, and track customer issues from submission to resolution. Ticketing systems automatically organize and prioritize support requests in a central dashboard. Users can tag, categorize, and assign tickets as they come in.

Our Unique and custom solution leverages

AWS Infrastructure

Our software harnesses the scalable and reliable AWS infrastructure, providing a solid foundation for data management, performance, and security.

API Integration

The system seamlessly integrates with REST and SOAP APIs from multifamily properties’ CRM systems and ledger accounts, enabling the exchange of critical data for compliance management.

Microservices Architecture

Utilizing a Microservices-based approach, the software ensures flexibility, scalability, and easy maintenance of individual service components.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD pipelines are employed to facilitate rapid development, testing, and deployment, resulting in efficient and reliable software updates.

Code Reviews as a process

The development process includes thorough code reviews, ensuring the quality and reliability of the software.

SOC Compliance Standards

Adherence to SOC compliance standards guarantees data security and privacy, making the software suitable for sensitive financial data handling.

Efficient and modern technology Stack

The project is built with Java (Springboot) and MongoDB for backend functionality, utilizing Angular for the frontend. AWS S3 is used for efficient file storage.

Code Quality improvements

With over 70%+ code coverage (continuously improving)  on both the backend and frontend, our software places a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and maintainability.

Benefits of the solutions


Our software streamlines risk compliance management, reducing manual effort and potential errors.


Adherence to SOC compliance standards and rigorous code quality checks ensure data security and system reliability.


The Microservices architecture and AWS infrastructure allow for easy scalability to meet evolving business needs.

User-Friendly Portals

The client portal and administrative compliance portal built with Angular provide intuitive interfaces for users.

Event Management System – Application is an all-in-one solution designed to simplify event tasks and streamline. It promotes efficiency in event management. Furthermore, it offers valuable insights through data analytics to support well-informed decision-making.

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