Athletes Link Up


Introducing a cutting-edge video call platform that seamlessly connects athletes and fans across iOS, Android, and web platforms. Leveraging the power of AWS infrastructure and WebRTC technology, this app facilitates direct connections between fans and athletes. Athletes engage with their supporters based on their level of backing, enabling exclusive video calls. Experience direct interactions through this innovative app built on robust CI/CD deployments, providing a dynamic and user-friendly environment for fans and athletes alike. 

Our unique and custom solution leverages

AWS Infrastructure

Our software harnesses the scalable and reliable AWS infrastructure, providing a solid foundation for data management, performance, and security. 

Used Custom NPM Packages

Based on specific requirements we have modified and uploaded 2 separate npmjs packages. 

Code Reviews as a process

The development process includes thorough code reviews, ensuring the quality and reliability of the software. 

Efficient and modern technology Stack

The software is primarily developed using Java for its robust backend, Mongo for data storage, and Ionic, Angular and Capacitor for the client portal and mobile application and administrative portal. 

Search Engine Optimization

Web application uses angular with server-side rendering, making link previews and search engine optimization possible. 

Integration with Apple ecosystem

The iOS app integrates with apple payment system, push notification service, authentication with apple id. 

Multiple Environment Support

The system operates across multiple environments, including development, quality assurance (QA), pre-production, demo, and production, ensuring seamless transitions and rigorous testing at every stage. 

Code Quality improvements

With over 70%+ code coverage (continuously improving) on both the backend and frontend, our software places a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and maintainability.

Benefits of the solutions


Rigorous code quality checks ensure data security and system reliability. 


The AWS infrastructure allows for easy scalability to meet evolving business needs. 

User Friendly Portals

The client portal and administrative portal built with Ionic/Angular provide intuitive interfaces for users. 

Athletes Link up is a cutting-edge Athlete-Fan Connection Platform, a comprehensive and advanced solution crafted to seamlessly link athletes and their supporters. This platform amalgamates WebRTC technology with a secure and scalable infrastructure across iOS, Android, and web platforms. Emphasizing direct engagement, it offers a user-friendly environment for athletes and fans, meeting the evolving demands of modern sports interactions with a focus on security and dynamic connectivity.

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