Collateral Management Solution for Modern FinTech


Fintech Corporation represents a groundbreaking FinTech solution, transforming collateral coverage in the financial sector. This cutting-edge technology empowers community and regional banks to craft highly competitive commercial loans, securing a greater number of deals without compromising credit quality. The platform capitalizes on the robust AWS infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration, comprehensive compliance management, and operational efficiency tailored specifically for the financial industry. Developed on a foundation of state-of-the-art technology, Fintech Corporation utilizes Microservices architecture, CI/CD deployments, and adheres to stringent SOC compliance standards, ensuring the highest levels of security and operational effectiveness.

Our unique and custom solution leverages

AWS Infrastructure

Our software leverages the scalable and reliable AWS infrastructure, providing a robust foundation for data management, performance, and security.

API Integration

The system seamlessly integrates with REST APIs from Moody’s, Trepps, and HubSpot systems and ledger accounts, facilitating the exchange of critical data for efficient deal management.

Microservices Architecture

Employing a Microservices-based approach ensures flexibility, scalability, and easy maintenance of individual service components.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD pipelines expedite development, testing, and deployment, resulting in efficient and reliable software updates.

Code Reviews as a process

Thorough code reviews are integral to the development process, ensuring the quality and reliability of the software.

SOC Compliance Standards

Adherence to SOC compliance standards guarantees data security and privacy, making the software suitable for handling sensitive financial data.

Efficient and modern technology Stack

The software is primarily developed using Java for its robust backend, Mongo, Elastic cache for data storage, Angular for the banker portal and administrative portal, and Python for algorithm calculations.

Multiple Environment Support

The system operates across multiple environments, including development, quality assurance (QA), pre-production, and production, ensuring seamless transitions and rigorous testing at every stage.

Code Quality improvements

With over 70%+ code coverage (continuously improving) on both the backend and frontend, our software prioritizes quality, reliability, and maintainability.

Integration with SonarQube

Tight integration with SonarQube enhances code quality, providing in-depth code analysis and ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Monitoring and Analytics

Kibana and Datadog tools monitor and analyze system performance, facilitating continuous improvement and proactive issue resolution.

Benefits of the solutions


Our software streamlines risk compliance management, reducing manual effort and potential errors.


Adherence to SOC compliance standards and rigorous code quality checks ensure data security and system reliability.


The Microservices architecture and AWS infrastructure allow for easy scalability to meet evolving financial business needs.

User-Friendly Portals

The client portal and administrative compliance portal built with Angular provide intuitive interfaces for financial users.

Continuous Improvement

Tools like Kibana help track and improve the platform’s financial performance.

Monitoring and Analytics

Kibana tools are employed to monitor and analyze financial system performance, enabling continuous improvement and proactive issue resolution.

Instant Term Sheets

We deliver term sheets on your financial deal in minutes through our cloud-based, proprietary Pricing Portal. Enter and submit deal data in less than 5 minutes and receive instant pricing via term sheet in less than 3 seconds.

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