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Presenting a cutting-edge employee recognition platform designed to effortlessly acknowledge and celebrate hard work and dedication. This tool facilitates seamless feedback on iOS, Android, and web interfaces. Powered by AWS infrastructure, the innovative app offers direct interactions, with a foundation built on robust CI/CD deployments. Experience a dynamic and user-friendly environment, fostering meaningful connections between both those giving and receiving recognition. 

Our unique and custom solution leverages

AWS Infrastructure

Introducing our software, which harnesses the robust and scalable AWS infrastructure, forming a sturdy backbone for impeccable data management, performance, and security.

 Incorporating Custom NPM Packages

Tailored to specific needs, we’ve customized and deployed two distinct npmjs packages, ensuring our software aligns precisely with unique requirements. 

Mastering Advanced SEO Strategies

Elevate your online presence with our proven track record in advanced SEO. Propel websites to top ranks, organically driving traffic and optimizing visibility. 

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

  • Auth0: Elevates security and user experience, offering centralized authentication across diverse applications. 
  • Mixpanel: Empowers data-driven decision-making, user segmentation, and real-time analytics-driven user experiences. 
  • Enhances user communication through personalized, timely messages, fostering relationships and boosting conversion rates. 

Code Reviews as a Fundamental Process

Our development process emphasizes comprehensive code reviews, ensuring software quality and reliability. 

Efficient and Modern Technology Stack

Built on Java for a robust backend, with Mongo for data storage. The client portal and mobile app utilize Ionic, Angular, and Capacitor, ensuring a cutting-edge and user-friendly experience. 

Search Engine Optimization

The web application, powered by Angular with server-side rendering, enables link previews and effective search engine optimization. 

Seamless Integration with Apple Ecosystem

The iOS app seamlessly integrates with Apple’s payment system, push notification service, and offers authentication through Apple ID. 

Versatile Multiple Environment Support

Operating across development, quality assurance (QA), and production environments, our system ensures smooth transitions and rigorous testing at every stage. 

Code Quality Improvements

Boasting over 70%+ code coverage (continuously improving) on both backend and frontend, our software prioritizes quality, reliability, and maintainability. 

Benefits of the solutions

Enhanced Security

Stringent code quality checks ensure data security and system reliability, providing a robust shield against potential threats.


Leveraging the AWS infrastructure, our solution offers seamless scalability, adapting effortlessly to the ever-evolving needs of your business. 

User Friendly Portals

The client portal and administrative portal, crafted with Ionic/Angular, deliver intuitive interfaces, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all users. 

Our Online Platform

Unleash the Power of Recognition in Real Time

  • An online platform designed for consumers to express real-time recognition directly to frontline workers. 
  • Boasts a secure and scalable infrastructure spanning iOS, Android, and web platforms. 
  • Prioritizes direct engagement, providing a user-friendly environment that caters to both those giving and receiving recognition. 
  • Adapts to the dynamic demands of modern technology, placing a strong emphasis on security and seamless connectivity. 

In summary, our solution not only ensures heightened security and scalability but also champions user-friendly interfaces, making it an ideal platform for recognizing and appreciating frontline workers in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.   

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